Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ
By J.R. Miller

18 October 2017

Morning Thoughts for Every Day of the Year

LUKE 1:71 “That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us;”

THE salvation, which Christ came to make for the world, is perfect. First it delivers us out of the hand of our enemies. We are under condemnation, and it sets us free. We are in death’s prison, and this salvation liberates us.

But deliverance from condemnation and death is not all of Christian hope. We are set free that we may serve our new Master. Jesus says, “Take My yoke upon you.” We are made free from other masters by coming under the rule of the Divine Master. We are saved to serve.

Our service, however, is not to be selfish, nor servile, nor compulsory, but glad, joyous, voluntary, under the constraint of love. We are to serve Him by obedience – “in holiness and righteousness.” There is no other way of receiving the divine salvation but by the acceptance of Christ’s master-ship, which implies obedience in all holy things and in all holy ways.

No one willingly living a sinful life can claim to have received Christ.


GOD’S Word as a guiding light is a lamp unto our feet, not a sun flooding a hemisphere. It is not meant to shine upon miles of road, but in the darkest night it will always show us the one next step; then when we have taken that, carrying the lamp forward, it will show us another step, and thus on till it brings us out into the full, clear sunlight of coming day. It is a lamp, and it is designed to lighten only little steps, one by one. We need to learn well the lesson of patience if we would have God guide us. He does not lead us rapidly. Sometimes we must go very slowly if we wait for Him. He takes us only pace by pace and unless we wait, we must go in darkness. But if we wait for Him, it will always be light for one step.



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