Character Education
This is the foundation of the FEK curriculum. Biblical values such as obedience, responsibility and gratefulness are integrated in the stories and learning experiences.
Personal, Social-Emotional Module
The environment and expectations of a familial culture provide a meaningful platform for young children to develop emotionally and socially. Children who are emotionally competent are more resilient and happier. The Chinese Cultural Month and Family Theme are the unique features of this module.
Literature and Integrated Arts Module
The love of reading is the fundamental requirement of most learning while Art is therapeutic and creative. Therefore, this module combines both literary and aesthetic experiences to develop children’s language ability and creativity. Children are exposed to both Chinese and English traditional tales as well as Picture Books written and illustrated by good authors such as Oliver Jeffers and Leo Lionni. They create artwork with environmental materials by using the art techniques of the illustrators. Typical features of this module are Awesome Authors, Art Trips, Art Fair and Art Exhibition.
Project Module
To learn how to learn is only possible if children are allowed to construct learning based upon interest. These projects require them to investigate the environment with a sense of wonder and calculate their way to innovations. It is the most empowering module because children often discover the tremendous amount of interesting knowledge when engaged in research. Some of previous years’ projects include SG50 Games, Lego Lamps, Lights Up City, Dinosaurs and Little Olympics.
Bible-Based Musical Module
Music is the food of our soul and every child loves a good song and a good tune. Children collaborate and build up their courage to perform a musical before an audience of at least 400 people in this module. To read, write and count become more engaging when they are purposefully integrated in the Musical. Our past musicals include David the Shepherd Boy, Noah’s Ark, The Lost Sheep and Jonah. Children are reminded of God’s providence as they end the academic year with this Bible-based performance.
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