Our Philosophy

We believe that every child must be given an opportunity to learn and play in a conducive environment filled with love, care and attention.

The Kindergarten continuously endeavours to provide quality services in keeping with the changing needs of children, society and today's learning environment, whilst at the same time focusing on sound Christian values and teachings.

The Kindergarten believes that parents have a significant, irreplaceable role in educating their children. The success of a child's education is a combined effort between the home and the school. As such, the Kindergarten is committed to work with and to inform parents of their children's development in school.
Our Goals
  • Engaging Minds, Shaping Lives
  • Every child to grow in grace and knowledge.

Grace Knowledge
  • To build an upright, spiritual and moral character.
  • To equip the child with positive interpersonal skills.
  • To strengthen the intellectual dispositions of the child.
  • To enable the child to make connections to learning experiences that are real, concrete and relevant.
  • To provide a sound foundation of knowledge and skills that will prepare the child for further learning in primary school.
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