31st YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Lucas Huang - 1st Place

11th YMCA-MSA (Mandarin Speech Award) (Preschool Category)

Ryan Koenig - 1st Place
Kayla Tay - 2nd Place
Elizabeth Sim - 3rd Place
Isabelle Chen - Finalist
Leah Ho - Finalist


30th YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Leong Yu Sing - 1st Place

10th YMCA-MSA (Mandarin Speech Award) (Preschool Category)

Keeren Low - 1st Place
Alyssa Tan - 3rd Place
Kayla Tay - Finalist
Adriel Bay (Honour Roll)


NLB Reading Innovation Award - Distinction

The National Library Board’s (NLB) inaugural Reading Innovation Award recognises pre-schools that have specially developed creative reading programmes to inspire and foster a passion for reading among young children. Children’s picture books provide rich resources for children to learn art techniques and values. This giraffe art piece, constructed out of carton boxes and painted by K2 Class of 2015 is one of the characters with an interesting story that generated children’s curiosity in words.

29th YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Ethan Ng - 1st Place
Sarah Ho - Finalist

9th YMCA-MSA (Mandarin Speech Award) (Preschool Category)

Lauren Wong - 1st Place
Leong Yu Sing - 2nd Place
Esher Yu - Finalist
Alyssa Tan (Honour Roll)


28th YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Chloe Grace Yeap - Finalist (Silver Honour Roll)
Lauren Sarah Tan - Finalist (Silver Honour Roll)


EDCA Early Childhood Innovation Award – Merit (Carton Character Day)

This project enabled 140 children to play meaningfully with customised thematic sets created by parents and children with environmental materials. Imagine used clothes being re-fashioned to doctors' coats! Daddy’s lone socks were shaped into donuts and a mineral water bottle became a drip bottle by the hospital bed. To top it all, K2A 2013 constructed the Changi Airport with its own control tower, SIA aeroplane, conveyor belt and other amazing gadgets out of carton boxes!


MOE-AECES Awards for Kindergarten Excellence – Merit (Chinese Cultural Month)

The Chinese Cultural Month has motivated children to enjoy learning Chinese and develop an appreciation for Chinese culture. The goal is to earn a Little Chinese scholar medal through engaging crafts, games, songs and poems. Skye Ang (K1B, 2012) did this panda with Chinese brush painting technique. It is now used as the Chinese Cultural Month mascot.


MOE-AECES Awards for Kindergarten Excellence – Commendation (The Art of Twisting Tales)

This project provided opportunities for K2 Class of 2011 to take on leadership roles by composing stories with an emphasis on values such as truthfulness and orderliness using the Pre-Nursery children’s 3-D artwork inspired by Eric Carle. The above character “Bluey” was one of their masterpieces. They then adapted familiar board games to teach concepts based on these stories.

25th YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Isaac Au - Finalist (Bronze Honour Roll)


MOE-AECES Awards for Kindergarten Excellence – Merit (Little Olympics)

Little Olympics is now an annual sporting event at FEK with the above mascot “Flamey” designed by Evander Ong of K2 Class of 2010. It is the product of the K2 children’s interest and investigation of an ongoing community event – Singapore Youth Olympic Games. The learning environment became an organic classroom with children as its subject instead of one that is bounded by textbooks and timetable.

24th YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Jed Koh - 3rd Place


MOE-AECES Awards for Kindergarten Excellence – Distinction (The Dinosaur Project)

This leather like bubble wrapped T-Rex was one of the four dinosaurs created out of environmental materials by K2 Class of 2009. We used the interactive whiteboard and technology to create flipcharts, electronic storybooks and portfolios with the photographs and video recordings of children’s learning experiences and artwork. Children crafted spoof stories of the dinosaur extinction theories based upon their imagination and current affairs. Some of the titles include “The H1N1 Dinosaur Flu Story” and “Bye Bye Dinosaur”.

23rd YMCA-PESA (Preschool Category)

Kelly Khoo - 1st Place


22nd YMCA - PESA (Plain English Speaking Award) (Preschool Category)

Elizabeth Fang - Finalist (Bronze Honour Roll)

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