Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

We believe that character, construction, compassion and communication are key determinants of a good preschool programme.

Children are often likened to clumps of clay. They are easily moulded because of their potential to learn. When clay is dried or fired, it hardens. The character of a child is very easily influenced by his significant others during early childhood. Once character traits are developed, it is hard to change them. By God’s grace, we hope to shape children’s lives to grow in grace and shepherd their hearts from the temptations of this world.

At FEK, our compassionate and passionate teachers will engage children’s minds to construct their own experiences. The children will learn how to learn.

It is important that we communicate well with parents because we believe that learning takes place more effectively when we are able to connect school with home. After all, parents are children’s first teachers.

We pray that every FEK child will obey the Word of God with the Lord’s strength and be of good character. We believe that when a child possesses good character, he will naturally be a competent student.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Ang Chui Hwa
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